Arston – Zodiac
Genre: Progressive House / Label: Pink Star Records / Release Date: May 27, 2013

The up and coming producer Arston has a massive track for us: Zodiac. Although he may not be a familiar name to many, Arston and his track Zodiac has already struck a chord among many EDM producers and artists. The track was featured recently on W&W – Mainstage podcast 155, Hardwell on Air 116, and Arty’s EDC NY 2013 set. This is one track you shouldn’t miss. Zodiac is a journey through time and space as it blends various sounds from different EDM genres together.

It all starts with a bright intro of repeating chord strums with simple steady percussion behind it, which is then rudely interrupted with sound bending. The build begins to intensify to what you would expect as a massive drop, but instead you are left floating in space with melodic piano chords to carry you on.

The trance like melody receives support from sped up synth leads and percussion which drives into the next build. It’s like going from floating through space and then pressing the hyper speed button that sends you into the drop.

A black hole of rhythmic distant drum kicks with a deeper melodic overlay. With synths and percussion building you are sucked out of the black hole and given a moment to breathe and float in space again with the melody. But it is only a moment before you are sucked back into the deep.  The journey comes to an end with relaxing high pitched chords, but comes with ominous reminders of the bass.

Well that was my journey. Listen and see what space odyssey it takes you on.

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