Vocalist on Daft Punk’s Dance Classic “One More Time” Found Dead

The month of May has been an exciting time for the Electronic Music scene and the French Duo Daft Punk, having a successful return with their dynamic and enjoyable album, “Random Access Memories”. However their was some sad news on May 7th, when Romanthony, the vocalist on Daft Punk’s very popular song “One More Time” from their renowned 2000 studio album, Discovery, was reported dead by a local Chicago News station; his family declaring his early death stemming from complications with his kidneys.

Several producers on twitter took time out to express their sadness on the passing of a great musician, with German techno producer, Boyz Noise even stating that he was working on a new track with Romanthony (no current information on if the song was ever finished or not) and that he is very saddened by his passing and Daft Punk stating that it was “a pleasure to work with [him]” including the hashtag “#onemoretime”. Our thoughts and prayers here at EDMTunes are with Romanthony’s friends and family during these times of mourning. His collaboration with Daft Punk will live on forever on dance floors everywhere.