Events: Tomorrowland Introduces TomorrowWorld in September 2013


Just a few days ago, the world’s voted best electronic music festival has also become the world’s most international gathering surpassing the London Olympics.  Eager fans from 214 different countries waited in digital queue for an hour to purchase a golden ticket to Tomorrowland.  When tickets officially went on sale, they sold out in 1 second.  Yes, that’s right, 180,000 tickets gone in 1 second.


Now, here is some exciting news for those who couldn’t scoop up a ticket for the Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium and even more exciting for those who have never had the chance to travel overseas for this spectacular event.  ID&T recently partnered up with SFX and announced a global expansion of the Tomorrowland concept which has become a full blown reality in the form of TomorrowWorld.  The dates have been set for September 27-29 of this year, but a location has not been announced, yet.  With the recent and first American debut of Sensation in Brooklyn, New York last October, there’s a strong possibility that North America may be the “new destination” and “second home” for TomorrowWorld.  Check out the official trailer announcement below and tell us where you want Tomorrowland to be.