GoPro Tests Their New Fusion 360 VR Camera! GoPro is currently in the process of testing out a new 360 VR Camera, named "Fusion". The goal at the time is[...]

The web is buzzing with excitement as RED, a camera manufacturer, released details about the latest addition to its product lineup – Hydrogen One, a smartphone with a ‘holographic display.’[...]

Instagram just dropped an update that now allows users to respond to each others stories not only using messages, but also via a photo or video. When launching another user's[...]

Soundcloud Shuts San Francisco And London Operations After Sacking 40% Of Staff Soundcloud Ltd has been struggling with their business going downhill against the likes of Spotify Ltd and Apple[...]

In today's world of music production, musicians and producers are always on the lookout for the best new tools to use in the studio. While most look forward to see[...]
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Spotify first launched in 2008 as a music streaming source. Since then, it has reached over 140 million users today. With technology constantly evolving, people want apps that are as[...]
001 Headphones by Zeddvideo

Back in April, Zedd announced that he would be partnering up with Japanese tech brand, Double Zero, and releasing a line of headphones. Those headphones, named the Double Zero 001,[...]
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While the world is focusing on daily leaks or concepts about the upcoming iPhone 8 X, Google is preparing its competitor which will release around the same time. This year's[...]

Streaming music might be the king of the music industry right now, but that does not mean a rosy picture for every streaming service out there. The every-struggling Pandora was[...]

Last week, the new Denon Prime Series SC5000 Media Player and X1800 Club Mixer was made available for purchase globally. To commemorate this important accomplishment, Denon announced their newest supporter[...]

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Meeting People At Festivals: Friends, Lovers, And Everything In Between It’s 2 AM, you haven’t showered in three days, you’re high as a kite,...

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