Steve Aoki Says He Has “No Issues With AI Producing Music”

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Xavier Luggage (@xavierluggage) / Steve Aoki

Global EDM icon Steve Aoki has no issues with Artificial Intelligence (AI) having a current presence in producing music. According to a cover story that Billboard just conducted with Steve Aoki, he stated that he is still a “novice” when it comes to the utilization of AI in creating music releases. However, the Dim Mak label founder also said in the Billboard cover story that “AI is here to stay“, emphasizing the embrace of artificial intelligence in the music industry these days.

Steve Aoki mainly uses artificial intelligence for lyric regeneration to support him in creating lyrics he can use for his upcoming tracks. If his songwriting team has any difficulties with creating lyrics for the tracks, then AI is there with the much-needed assistance. With these words from Steve Aoki, it seems like a new era of music is approaching where AI will become a major factor in music production throughout various genres.

Steve Aoki Billboard Photo
Photo Credit: Jessica Chou / Billboard

Steve Aoki Also Has More Opinions About Ai In Today’s Music Industry

Additionally, the DJ Awards and Billboard Awards-winning DJ/producer also stated that artificial intelligence will not solve any ongoing problems that the music industry is still dealing with overall. Steve Aoki said in the same cover story that his famous collaborative hit single from 2011 with Afrojack, ‘No Beef’, became popular even before the rise of AI and music streaming.

That being said, Steve Aoki mentioned that he is certain that the “powers-that-be are building ‘safeguards’” to make sure AI will not fully influence the aspect of innovative and genuine music making. The EDM superstar then ended his discussion about artificial intelligence in music production by saying, “You just have to ride the wave with it and just start building safeguards as we go“.