Tomas Abester Releases Progressive Trance Gem, ‘Rune’

This one is pure Argentinian ear candy. Don’t miss out on it.

Double prize today for those who love some good ‘ole Progressive Trance tunes. Right as we were wrapping up our Friday, something popped up on the radar — or rather, someone: Tomas Abester. And after giving the Digital Drift album a proper listen, this one feels like the worthy successor to close the day on quite a high.

We’ve had him on here a couple of times already, not long ago when he released his Gallant debut ‘Altares‘, and earlier, when he unleashed ‘Year Of The Dragon‘ alongside Ren Faye. A core rising element of the Argentinian scene, his sound has got to heights from the likes of Paul van Dyk, JES, and many more.

His latest single, ‘Runa’, is out now, and boy is it a belter.


Following a string of releases, ‘Runa’ is Abester’s arrival at Antima Music, carrying his iconic sounds over to new destinations. The essence of his craft is untouched, though, pairing potent growls and hard-hitting drops with delicate, verge-of-tears atmospheres, for the ultimate sonic combo.

As is the norm with his pieces, this tune also has a special meaning behind it, which goes beyond the mere musical aspect of the arrangement and offers answers as to why the title is what it is:

“Viking runes have always played that role of mystery in history. It is an interesting concept and I wanted to capture it with that mysterious whisper in the track.”

-Tomas Abester

The first thing you’ll notice is how strong the kick-snare link is. As the song unfolds you’ll start to hear less of the beat and dive into the break, which is bound to captivate you through the clever use of pulsing distant sounds, an upfront melody, and that mysterious whisper Abester mentions. We’re over the moon with this one.

Listen to Tomas Abester‘s ‘Rune‘ by hitting the ‘Play’ button on your Spotify player attached below. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to visit this link to support the release on your platform of choice. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views from our beloved Dance music world.