‘girl$’, Dom Dolla’s New Anthem For Modern Dating

Girls don’t need nobody.”

It’s an infectious chant that has quickly invited mass sing-alongs at festivals like Coachella. But “girls don’t need nobody” isn’t just a catchy phrase. It’s a statement, which captures the sentiment of a generation redefining love and relationships.

girl’$’: A Song Inspired by Dating Frustration and Modern Choice

Australian DJ Dom Dolla‘s first single of the year, ‘girl$‘, dropped June 7th on Three Six Zero Recordings, Ministry Of Sound UK, and Sony Music ANZ, and it is more than just a dance floor anthem — it’s a rallying cry for navigating the modern dating scene.

‘girl$’ was inspired by a conversation I had with a bunch of friends who were all tired of bad dates. They were giving up on the whole charade,” Dom shared. “In ‘24, we have so much choice. Nobody is limited by who they want to love or spend time with, whether that’s a guy, girl, or even just relish in their own company.”

Collaboration & Inspiration: Dom Dolla on the Song’s Creation

Fan videos featuring the song have already amassed over 46 million views, proving the global resonance of this anthem for independence.

Dom adds, “I wrote the lyrics based upon a story a friend relayed to me about a wild night out she had. I recorded it and heavily affected my vocals, but felt it needed a strong female performance, so I reached out to my good pal Caitlin Stubbs and asked if she was keen to re-perform the vocal. Her voice is fantastic and suits the record so well. I even left some crumbs of my vocal in there too.”

From Vegas to Ibiza: Dom Dolla Rides the Momentum

Dom Dolla continues his incredible momentum from 2023, with performances slated across the UK and EU, including stops at Tomorrowland Belgium and Ibiza’s Ushuaïa night club this summer. He’s currently in the midst of a Las Vegas residency at LIV in Fontainebleau. Tickets for Dom’s Australian tour instantly sold 150,000 numbers, months in advance.