Cercle Is Taking Their Production On The Road With ‘Cercle Odyssey’

In 2025, Parisian production company Cercle is taking their iconic shows on the road with Cercle Odyssey, a touring immersive concert experience. The show will feature a 360-degree panorama of music and visuals with colossal projection screens, measuring roughly 40 feet high and 180 feet wide. High-definition footage will be flawlessly synced with the music, transporting you to a world where sight and sound become one.

Cercle Odyssey will showcase a diverse range of artists and genres, with the lineup, dates, and cities to be revealed soon. The visual experience is in the hands of Parisian director Neels Castillon, known for co-founding the creative studio, Motion Palace. Castillon will craft stunning videos inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, weaving a narrative of human connection to nature and the ultimate journey – finding your way home.

“Cercle’s mission is and will always be to create unique stages for unique artists. We have just reached one billion views on our videos, we realized that many people want to experience Cercle, but traveling to Egypt or to the top of a mountain isn’t easy or feasible for everyone. With Cercle Odyssey, we’re bringing the experience closer to people’s homes, whilst continuing with our heritage site events.”

-Cercle’s creative director Derek Barbolla via Billboard

Cercle Odyssey isn’t just about mind-blowing visuals and music; it’s also environmentally conscious. To minimize their footprint, they’ll be renting sound, lighting, and projection equipment locally in each city. This eco-friendly approach means ditching massive LED screens and relying on 29 state-of-the-art projectors instead. Less equipment to haul around translates to lower carbon emissions.

Additionally, to truly immerse you in the experience, phones will be banned inside the performances, a common theme lately in the scene. But fear not, Cercle Odyssey will provide filmed content from each show, so you can relive the magic later.

Ben Böhmer performing in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey via Cercle Productions.

About Cercle

Launched in 2016, Cercle has produced 240 events in stunning locations around the world, including a Bolivian salt flat, the Eiffel Tower, a peak in the Alps and other locales, including roughly 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Participating artists have included Disclosure, Peggy Gou, Above & Beyond, Carlita, Amelie Lens, Hot Since 82, and many more.