Ben Böhmer Announces New Album ‘Bloom’

Coming off a record-breaking world tour in support of his previous album, during which he sold out all dates months in advance, Ben Böhmer made a point to take time to himself and return to the space that compels him the most: his studio. It’s there that he’s able to truly channel his passion for spontaneous creativity and relentlessly focus on honing a craft that allows him to express deep, complex feelings. He tackled grief on his breakthrough debut albumBreathing, and separation on its follow-up, 2021’s Begin Again.

 Bloom is a reset, a confident reassertion of his own desires and more improvisational origins. In Bloom, we hear and feel Ben’s growth, the joyful pursuit of newness that pulls him back to the studio day after day, season after season. Moreover, Ben embraces his imperfect journey thus far on the forthcoming album’s first single, ”Best Life,’ featuring Berlin-based singer-songwriter duo JONAH.

“Life is short and fast,” JONAH remarks on the track. “You try, you fail, and sometimes we lose a special person along the way who is irreplaceable, but the memories stay with us, shaping who we are. ‘Best Life’ is all about that rollercoaster ride of trying, failing, and a reminder of the importance of living each moment to the fullest.” 

Sonically, ‘Best Life’ is a bold step in a new direction for Böhmer, who is intent on growing out of the pre-fabricated boxes he’s been placed in. Böhmer’s songwriting and composing talents extend to the foreground on Bloom alongside revered artists like indie royalty Lykke Li, alt-pop duo Oh Wonder, Enfant Sauvage (of the French duo The Blaze), and more. The album features a swathe of styles and tempos that earlier tracks in his career feel like breadcrumbs to.

Bloom Tracklist
1. Martin
2. Hiding (feat. Lykke Li)
3. Best Life (feat. JONAH)
4. Memory Cassettes
5. Beautiful (feat. Malou)
6. Faithless (feat. Erin LeCount)
7. Rust
8. Evermore (feat. Enfant Sauvage)
9. Rain (feat. Max Milner)
10. The Sun (feat. Oh Wonder)
11. Blossoms

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