‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’ is Opening its Doors in Madrid

Tomorrowland just announced that ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’, the festival’s unique immersive audio-visual experience, will be opening its doors in the heart of Madrid in the fall of 2024. Since its very first introduction to the world in Barcelona in December 2023, ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’ has been attracting more than 40.000 visitors from 56 different countries around the world over the past months to embark on an unprecedented VR experience and explore Tomorrowland’s captivating themes like never before. Now it’s time for a new chapter in the capital of Spain, redefining the magic of Tomorrowland. Discover all info on thegreatlibraryoftomorrow.com.

‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’ is a collaboration between Tomorrowland and XR Music Hub teams. Jordi Sellas, Artistic Director of Layers of Reality, expressed, “Bringing ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’ to Madrid has long been a milestone in our plans, especially considering Spain’s capital boasts a vibrant entertainment and cultural scene and ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’ stands as one of the best immersive experiences available today. Starting the worldwide tour in Madrid marks the commencement of The Great Library’s global journey.”

Since its opening in Barcelona in December 2023, ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’ instantly became one of the city’s most popular attractions. More than 40.000 guests from all ages have come by to dive into the magical universe of one of the world’s most iconic festivals, just a few steps from Plaça Catalunya. Notable guests have included Spanish actors Àngel Llàcer and José CorbachoSpanish chefs Ferran Adrià and Christian Escribàinternational DJs Miriam Nervo and B Jones, as well as international chefs Roger van Damme, Nick Bril, Thijs Meliefste and Marcelo Ballardin. Moreover, Catalan institutions and Barcelona Tourism Office have supported the project in the city because of its unique character and international impact.

Designed for an audience of all ages, ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’ takes visitors through Tomorrowland’s captivating realms for a unique and unprecedented VR experience, from the World of the Great Tree to the Realm of Melodia. During the nearly 1-hour journey, guests are drawn into the magical universe of Tomorrowland through cutting-edge technology, Diving into a world where each corner whispers tales of magic and wonder.