Explore Tomorrowland’s Great Library of Tomorrow in Barcelona

There is a new destination for the people of tomorrow. Tomorrowland’s brand-new immersive audiovisual experience has opened in Barcelona. ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’ was designed by the internationally renowned creative team behind Tomorrowland and Xtended Reality Music Hub. It offers a 1-hour through the magical universe of one of the world’s most iconic festivals, just a few steps from Plaça Catalunya.

Designed for all audiences, ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’ is set to become one of Barcelona’s most popular attractions. Visitors will explore a breathtaking world of wonder with adventure and cutting-edge technology. The stories behind the iconic Tomorrowland themes and worlds will come to life before your eyes.

From now until March 2024, visitors will be able to dive into a 1-hour journey through more than 1,000 square meters with several digital art installations, allowing them to explore some of Tomorrowland’s key features, values, and objects and get an initial glimpse at Tomorrowland’s DNA, before walking inside the other mythical realms of Tomorrowland for a unique and unprecedented VR experience.

Discover the different rooms of ‘The Great Library of Tomorrow’:

  1. About Tomorrowland
    Get to know one of the world’s largest and most iconic festivals with a trip down memory lane through 20 years of Tomorrowland history. Over the past two decades, Tomorrowland has become a true global phenomenon that connects and unites people from every corner of the world.
  2. The Four Elements
    Tomorrowland’s most important values: Unity, Love, Madness and Magic. Expect a visualization of these values, rooted in the four elements of nature.
  3. Connection between Cultures
    Discover a mesmerizing art installation that portrays the infinite connection between cultures and nature.
  4. The People of Tomorrow
    Tomorrowland has been uniting and fostering a unique community of People of Tomorrow from all around the globe for almost 20 years now. This special AI activation will blend the faces of visitors to create a composite face that represents the face of the People of Tomorrow.
  5. Paperworld
    A visual masterpiece in which Tomorrowland’s ‘Paperworld’ – the dimension that connects the real world with the fictional world – is portrayed, featuring teasers that visitors will encounter in the VR environment.
  6. VR experience
    Visitors get access to the magical Great Library of Tomorrow, the library where all Tomorrowland tales from throughout the years are being kept. People will get the chance to discover secrets and even dive into some of the legendary tales through teleportation/virtual reality, while discovering everything about the different festival themes and their significance in the Tomorrowland universe.
  7. Gift shop
    Explore a wide selection of different Tomorrowland items & gadgets. A lot of attention to details makes every item stand out and all the official Tomorrowland apparel and accessories are designed in-house, with carefully selected fabrics & shapes.
  8. Solo Vida lounge
    Buy a bottle of Solo Vida, Tomorrowland’s official sparkling wine, while discovering the entire story behind the traditional production process. The Solo Vida vineyards are located 500 meters above sea level, a hidden gem just a stone’s throw away from Barcelona. The combination of nature, altitude, sunshine, and traditions make the Solo Vida vineyards one of the most unique vineyards in the world.

Tickets and more info are available on thegreatlibraryoftomorrow.com.