SF Producer Buns Releases Warehouse Bass Banger ‘ALLIWANNA’

San Francisco-based DJ and producer Buns is back with a fire-breathing exploration of the underground club scene with her latest track, ‘ALLIWANNA.’ This pulsating anthem is a full-on dive into the heart-stopping world of warehouse bass.

‘ALLIWANNA’ throbs with intense energy, its core built around pounding kicks and gritty, pulsating acid synths. Classic breakbeats weave their way through the aggressive basslines, creating a perfect soundscape to unwind and groove to. The track captures the simmering tension and inevitable explosion of energy that comes from holding back all day long. The repetitive ‘ALL I WANNA’ vocal builds towards a tipping point, representing that moment when you just need to escape and unleash all that pent-up rage and energy on the dance floor. The powerful drops feel like pure dancefloor bliss, while the warm chords evoke the warm sense of community you find in those late-night havens.

Here’s what Buns had to say about the release:

“All I want to do is feel the energy of the floor, the drums, the atmosphere, the people. I love that ascension and I love getting there by any means necessary. You don’t need a real genre or any song lyrics necessarily, you just need that energy.”

This latest release comes hot on the heels of Buns’ support slot on Nitepunk’s Human Experience tour. It also follows her impressive performance opening for Devault at his sold-out San Francisco show during the Sensations tour. She will continue with this momentum into the summer, with her Outside Lands festival debut at the SOMA tent where she will be showcasing her NURAVE sound.

Check out her visual project that captures the sweaty warehouse vibes ‘ALLIWANNA’ is about down below: