Alan Walker Meets Kylie Cantrall On New Release ‘Unsure’

Ten years after his breakthrough hit ‘Fade’, EDM superstar Alan Walker returns with ‘Unsure‘, a track born from the power of online communities. Inspired by a TikTok discovery, the song’s demo went viral, amassing over 30 million organic views. Walker then brought in Kylie Cantrall, a former Disney actress turned platinum music artist, to elevate the song. Cantrall, known for her upcoming role in “Descendants: The Rise of Red”, is also a talented singer and songwriter with her own successful projects.

From his early breakthrough with ‘Faded’ to collaborations with the likes of Hans Zimmer and Sia, Alan Walker has amassed billions of streams, millions of followers, and a career that shows no signs of slowing down. ‘Unsure’ is just another chapter in his ongoing success story.

Throughout my career, I’ve been inspired by great friends, talented creators, and my own dreams“, says Walker. “I feel incredibly privileged to have grown up within an online community of skilled creators, and I seize every opportunity to allow new creators the chance to discover the same. The entire process with ‘Unsure’ has been an incredibly inspiring journey. I hope you feel the same“.

Alan Walker’s latest release is an electrifying blend of Pop euphoria and groovy lyrics from Kylie Cantrall that complement the beat well. From the moment the vocals begin, they drift you into a state of ecstasy. The infectious rhythm grabs hold of you, compelling you to move with its hypnotic cadence. Each layer of the composition adds depth and energy, creating a symphony of euphoria that’s impossible to resist. Whether you’re on the dance floor or lost in your headphones, this song is a journey through the euphoric heights of Dance music.

Be sure to check out Alan Walker, and Kylie Cantrall‘s new track ‘Unsure‘, here. Additionally, Walker is hosting a remix competition for the track, with a brand-new PC awarded to the winning producer. If you’re interested in giving the competition a go, follow this link. Finally, Walker paired the release with an impressive hybrid music video captured directly from his playable virtual world ‘Walkerworld’ in the popular game Fortnite. Click here to watch it on his YouTube channel.