NGHTMRE Taps Rezz, Liquid Stranger, & More For New ‘UNSOUND 2 EP’

Fresh off his EDC Las Vegas headlining set at the BassPod, trap/dubstep kingpin NGHTMRE has unveiled his latest EP, UNSOUND 2. Launched in 2022 with its inaugural edition, the UNSOUND concept is a vessel for cultivating cross-genre collaborations and championing emerging dubstep acts – a multi-purpose project that showcases NGHTMRE’s world-class production and curatorial talents.

Unsound 2

The DJ/producer’s UNSOUND 2 EP combines bass juggernauts with rising stars for six tracks that are brimming with boisterous beats and gripping sound design. The EP’s grandiose, opulent approach is exemplified on tracks such as ‘TORTURE,’ a collaboration with Dutch bass prodigy Franky Nuts and goth-inspired vocalist DeathbyRomy. Kicking off with lush piano chord progressions that underlie DeathbyRomy’s haunting opening verse, the track builds with atmospheric textures and ascending synths before dropping into a section of massive, syncopated bass rhythms.

The rest of UNSOUND 2’s tracklist is filled with similarly forward-thinking, ferocious presentations. ‘In Your Eyes‘ sees NGHTMRE tap into some of the most in-demand up-and-coming acts, such as experimental bass purveyor Jon Casey and producer/vocalist Pauline Herr. The result is a towering sonic arena full of distorted, growling bass wubs and thunderous, trunk-rattling percussion.

On ‘Thrilla,’ a track with trap-infused bass producer Juelz and British rapper ShaSimone, the three artists combine breakbeats, trap rhythms, and blazing industrial sound design with buttery hip-hop vocal flows. Then, on ‘ALL NIGHT,’ NGHTMRE brings on queen Rezz for an alternative version of ‘TORTURE,’ retaining the central principles of the original track but infusing it with Rezz’s spacious, signature mid-tempo bliss.

UNSOUND 2 is then rounded out by ‘Restless,’ a euphoric track with genre-blending dubstep maestro Liquid Stranger and angelic vocalist Mougleta, and ‘Brand New Love,’ a dynamic collaboration with future riddim pioneer Ace Aura and singer Marlhy that combines shiny, laser-infused bass sound design with plucky melodies.

The UNSOUND projects are all about collaboration! I reached out to some of my favorite producers from all over the world for this EP. I really tried not to think too much on a specific genre or boundary for this, and just focused on writing what felt cool and inspiring. All the sets have been going over extremely well in my live sets and I’m so excited to finally drop them all!


Bold, audacious, and immaculately constructed, UNSOUND 2 is a spellbinding exhibition of NGHTMRE’s collaborative production prowess, and a perfect way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his artist project.\