Matt Fax Explores New Sonic Territory With ‘Raven’

Trance can be uplifting, spiritual, and inspiring. However, it can also be dark, rowdy, and tasty. This is the case with Matt Fax‘s new explosive track ‘Raven’. Following the trend with Armada Music‘s more techno-ish sound, ‘Raven’ will launch you into another realm of electronic atmospheres. Edgar Allan Poe could never, let’s have a look at Fax’s new dark and raw sonic escapade.


The pulsating bass conducts the song towards the dancefloor. This song is truly a vibe, from the minimal elements to the more driven acid. Each element in the track work symbiotically to craft a wonderful picture. Your feet are guaranteed to move everywhere. ‘Raven’ follows the development of the French DJ as an artists. Since the age of 15, Matt Fax has delivered iconic staples in the Trance and Progressive scene. ‘Raven’ is his fourth release in 2024, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for the rest of the year.

Matt Fax

Matt Fax isn’t just a name in Progressive and Trance circles, it’s a whispered promise of sonic journeys. Since the age of 15, his music has graced the most prestigious labels, his melodies intertwining seamlessly with the genre’s modern masters.

His ever-growing catalogue is a testament to his versatility, each track a vibrant bloom within the vast garden of his melodic and atmospheric signature sound. Though just in his twenties, Matt has already achieved milestones most musicians dream of. Releases on labels like Enhanced Music, Armada, and Anjunabeats stand as markers of his talent. He’s even graced Colorize with a full album, reimagining the sonic landscape.

His remixes for A-listers like Armin van Buuren and collaborations with legends like BT are testaments to his respect within the industry. International radio shows like BBC Radio 1 and A State of Trance regularly weave his music into their broadcasts, a constant reminder of his enchanting soundscapes.

Matt Fax isn’t content to rest on his laurels. His side project, Matters, explores new sonic territories, and his bi-weekly radio show “The Showcase” on allows him to share the magic he creates with a global audience. This dedication to pushing the boundaries of Progressive Trance has garnered him a loyal following, solidifying his place as one of the genre’s leading lights. (source)

Usually a raven is a sign of a bad omen. Nonetheless, this is a great one for sure. Here is ‘Raven’: