Fulltone Follows Up Latest ADID Release With ‘Alba’ EP

We’re bringing you the most delicious four-tracker in Organic House at the moment.

It is quite accurate of you to believe we’re over the moon with this one. Beloved producer Fulltone has returned to Lee Burridge’s cloud-shaped All Day I Dream imprint, this time with a four-track-long offering, the Alba EP. This record promises a voyage into the heart of those genres whose only way of language is love: Organic and Melodic House.

Although recalling influences from a handful of artists as spread out across the spectrum as Alan Parsons and Nirvana, the most evident products of the Egyptian powerhouse come from delicately chosen leads, paired with unique textures and tasty percussion rolls. With this EP, Fulltone nears 15 pieces signed to ADID alone. Neat.

The Alba EP came to be from waves of inspiration, according to the artist behind it. “Sometimes you catch a fish immediately, sometimes it takes hours or days, but you won’t catch any fish unless you go to the sea with a fishing line“, he says. “In my case, the sea is my studio and the fishing line is my instruments“. And far from only being a beautifully written screen for the release, there are tons of instances in which you can testify the creative, even vanguardist way of writing music, is more present than ever before.

In my case, the sea is my studio and the fishing line is my instruments.


The Alba EP

Four tracks constitute the latest ADID release — and Fulltone’s most recent as well. Each track has something special to it, some venture onto a fine line between genres, and some implement core sounds and grooves.

Fulltone – Alba EP Tracklist

  1. Alba
  2. Meine Liebe
  3. Make Believe featuring Shyam P
  4. Follow The Light


With the use of power chords, soft, water-droplet-resembling plucks, percussion, and tons of delay spaces, the EP kicks off its majesty with the title track. Mysterious and groovy, this one sets the tone (the fulltone?) of the tracks ahead. Its energy is also quite tame compared to the others, so it’s a good thing to have it opening the release.

‘Meine Liebe’

My favourite out of the singles. When I first pressed play on this one my mind immediately went, “OH I’VE HEARD THIS BEFORE“. Indeed, I had. I still can’t recall if it was a Lee Burridge set, or someone like Roy Rosenfeld who I’ve been listening too at work, but my mind truly remembered. The fast-paced arpeggios are a vibe, they remind me of Fulltone’s 2021 ADID EP, Love in Space. Also, I cannot explain it, but the low melody gave me flashbacks of the Pink Panther soundtracks? I can’t explain it, but trust me, it makes sense.

‘Make Believe’

The vocal track of the EP is ‘Make Believe’. Quite resemblant of Deep House, while also blending in shades of Melodic House, and incorporating the organic nature of, well, Organic House, this piece plays a very convincing role of a Summer-inspired singalong. Sung by Shyram P, you’ll see the lyrics are heartfelt, and they fit the instrumental like a glove.

‘Follow The Light’

After the daring composition that was ‘Make Believe’, the closing track, ‘Follow The Light’, feels much more like a typical ADID tune. Soft percussion in gigantic amounts, groovy chords, cut vocal loops, tension and release, and, to be honest, the energy needed to close your eyes and imagine Lee himself vibing to it. What a belter, and what a closer!

Final Words

Listen to Fulltone‘s superb Alba EP below by interacting with the Spotify block below, or click here to support it on your favourite streaming platform.