Mathame To Bring Spellbinding Lineup To NEO Residency

Ibiza’s Amnesia will teleport you on a magical journey, presenting the NEO residency from Mathame this Summer. The eight-date NEO residency is promising to weave a spiritual journey and the line-up will provide a distinctive experience from June 7th – July 5th, and from September 13th – 27th


There is a common thread between Amnesia and Mathame: mysticism, which strengthens and empowers both parties. The nightclub, inaugurated in the 70s, and the Italian duo always return to their roots to thrive in the present and shape an unusual and authentic future that they bring to life.

There is no doubt about the reason for this venture. Amnesia has chosen to give space to NEO, Mathame’s new residency, under the HORIZON framework, aiming to provide the audience not only with a melodic techno event but also a cinematic experience with a setup, development and climax.

The brothers draw inspiration for their melodies from classical music and nature, blending calmness with euphoria to orchestrate a journey that touches our emotional fibers. In each performance, they consider the context of the venue to plan the set. The story they develop at a festival is not the same as in a small club. So, we wonder: What story will they tell in an eight-date residency?

The intrigue is palpable. The line-up announcement has also surprised us with a theme for each date. These have a profound focus that we will soon learn more about. They are Foundation, Glory, Victory, Beauty, Severity, Mercy, Understanding and Wisdom.

The first chapter of this musical tale will feature Anfisa Letyago and Lyke. The following chapters include Mind Against, Olympe, and Overmono (DJ Set). Others include Parisi, Laherte, The Blaze (DJ Set), Kandarta, AME (live) B2B Trikk, Brina Knauss, and Sona. Lastly, Jan Blomqvist, Alex Wann,  NTO (Live), and Pole Position will perform. Special guests are yet to be revealed.

A line-up that will undoubtedly mark a before and after in the relationship between melodic techno and Amnesia’s terrace. Everything is about to begin; get your tickets here.