[Event Review] Armin van Buuren Takes Over The Brooklyn Mirage

Armin van Buuren gave New York a special show this past weekend. The Dutch legend stopped at the Brooklyn Mirage for a huge 3-hour set for the capacity crowd. He and Laura van Dam had the crowd going all night long past 4 am.

Laura van Dam delivered a wonderful opening set and had the crowd ready to burst once Armin took the stage. She played a diverse set with Trance, Techno, and some House sprinkled throughout. It was expertly crafted and you could feel she loved being up there. Laura was engaging with the crowd playing quite a few Afterlife tracks. They always hit well in NYC.

Armin van Buuren

As the clock struck 1 am, Armin grace the stage with a monumental intro. He took NYC on a journey through his discography. The Armada leader featured all of his classics but also modern reworks of the records.

Of course, Armin played all his other bangers from ‘Blah Blah Blah’ to ‘Take Off‘ and then to ‘What Took You So Long‘ with Gryffin. Another notable track is Dimension’s DnB remix for ‘Lose This Feeling‘ and Innellea’s remix for ‘In And Out of Love‘. Armin has been on a crazy release streak the last few years with album after album. His most recent, Breathe In, was his 9th studio album. The album was written over 2 years following the end of the pandemic. It represents the next step in his narrative that started with his 8th album Feel Again

Feel Again represented Armin van Buuren’s journey of reconnecting with himself and the music he loves. Breathe In focuses on his love for his fans. The tracks symbolize and urge listeners to celebrate life, see the light in others, and connect on the dance floor. And you could feel that in Brooklyn. The crowd was lovely and caring, very similar to Armin himself.

Armin is currently on tour and you must see him if you can. He will be hitting EDC Las Vegas, Main Square Festival, Airbeat One, Tomorrowland, Creamfields, and so much more.

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