Armin van Buuren Releases 9th Studio Album ‘Breathe In’

Armin van Buuren has blessed us with another album. Breathe In is Armin’s 9th studio album and has a positive message for all. The album was written over 2 years following the end of the pandemic. It represents the next step in the narrative that started with his 8th album Feel Again. Dropping 2 albums in 9 months is quite the feat.

Feel Again represented Armin van Buuren’s journey of reconnecting with himself and the music he loves. Breathe In focuses on his love for his fans. The album is overall a faster BPM than his last. The tracks symbolize and urge listeners to celebrate life, see the light in others, and connect on the dance floor.

Armin teased the album through a few singles. Some of my favorites include ‘God Is In The Soundwaves,’ ‘Love This Feeling,’ and ‘Destination.’ ‘God Is In The Soundwaves’ is a wonderful ethereal tune with the popular stutter effect on the vocal. The record is straight euphoria that you can feel on the dance floor with your fellow ravers.

‘Love This Feeling’ is awesome live, especially with some loved ones around you. I feel like its message is clear and if you are an avid festival goer, you know you don’t want to lose that blissful feeling. This track came from a formative memory of Armin’s life: the first time he set foot in a club.

‘Destination’ is A State of Trance’s 2024 Anthem and for good reason. I love that he has tracks within his album that stay true to his older sound but with modern finishes. This one is also perfect live. ‘Inevitable’ is another favorite of mine because of the energy. Armin can go hard and this one shows that off.

Make sure to check out the full album Breathe In below!