EDMTunes Chats with ARTBAT

ARTBAT is the Ukrainian duo that needs no introduction. They have played at every big festival and venue in the world by now, and are currently coming off a short US tour, including two standout shows at Coachella Festival. We sat down with them recently to find out what keeps them fit and energized despite their heavy schedule, and how their 2024 has been so far…

EDMTunes: Hey guys, how has the first part of 2024 been for you – what has stood out?

Thanks for having us. Always a pleasure having a chat with you guys 🙂

2024 has been very busy so far. We have released a couple of records already. Our collab ¨Breathe In¨ with Cay (Another Life), a remix for Meduza´s ¨Friends¨ and obviously an absolute honor and highlight was the collaboration ¨Take Off¨ with our friend Armin van Buuren. Definitely a great experience having joined him on MainStage at Ultra Music Festival Miami. Touring wise we have been had excellent and outstanding tours in North and South America beginning of the year. The shows in Argentina, Brazil etc are next level and with an unbeatable vibe.

EDMTunes: Festival season is well and truly underway – how do you stay fit, healthy, and energized when on the road and playing these big shows?

You need to keep a healthy mind and don’t forget to take some time for yourself and your loved ones. It’s important to stay sane. The energy comes automatically playing all these amazing festivals throughout the summer. We can’t wait to share the stages with our friends in the circuit, see mind-blowing sites and also meet with all our fans/supporters. 

EDMTunes: How much prep do you do for each one to ensure each one sounds fresh both for the fans but also yourselves? Do you do edits, repack your digital record bags etc?

We are in constant exchange of how we can improve each and every set. In an ideal world, we try to surprise audiences with new and fresh music as much as possible.

That being said we have some real exciting new music we wanna share with everyone.

EDMTunes: You have two Coachella shows coming up – how will they differ? What does it feel like to play twice at that legendary place?

Coachella has always been and is an outstanding show. Thrilled to be part of such an iconic and unique festival. The diversity, atmosphere and attendance every year is outstanding. How the shows will differ? Better to have another interview after the festival and we can share our experiences 🙂

EDMTunes: You also played Miami last Saturday – does hot sun and warm weather change the sort of music you play, does it influence your moods and grooves?

That doesn’t really affect our moods or influence our style. We always stay true to the ARTBAT signature sound. But that being said, nobody says ¨No¨ to the sunshine, palm trees and warm weather.

EDMTunes: What are crowds in the USA like compared to elsewhere around the world? What makes them unique?

Tough to say. Actually, every city even in the US has different crowds. But we always receive a lot of love whenever we tour in the States. Miami has indeed been special for the past shows.

EDMTunes: What do you pack in your travel bag? What are the key essentials that you have learnt to take with you to make life easier and more comfortable?

The usual really. Nothing too exciting 🙂 It really depends how long the tour is going. You definitely have to think a lot more when you are 2-3 weeks +- on the road. But clearly we can’t fly without USBs, Headphones and our Laptops.

EDMTunes: Do you make music on the road, or only when home in the studio? Does playing gigs inspire the music you make, are the two related like that?

Indeed the gigs are inspiring us. We get a lot of ideas on the road. Playing an exciting show and getting the energy from the dance floor is always an inspiration of course.

EDMTunes: What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Music side: We have a remix for Chemical Brothers ¨Hey Boy, Hey Girl¨ coming next and plenty of releases on our own imprint Upperground. Everyone should definitely stay tuned.

Can’t wait to share some more big news soon with everyone. 

Touring side: Coachella is a highlight this week for sure and we have 2 exciting Upperground showcases in May. May 11 at Atlas Arena Lodz Poland for our second edition there and on May 12 we are very very excited to be the first electronic dance music event inside the legendary Santiago Bernabeu Estadio (Real Madrid) in Madrid Spain.