Deadmau5 Celebrates 25 Years With ‘Retro5pective’ Performance At The Hollywood Bowl

Deadmau5 just celebrated two and a half decades of creating music with a sold-out anniversary show of epic proportions this past Saturday, April 27th at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

The three hour-long retro5pective show highlighted some of the greatest and most beloved material from the iconic producer’s illustrious 25-year career, ranging from his first ever production ‘Bored Of Canada‘ to hits like ‘I Remember,’ ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff,’ and ‘The Veldt.‘ The sold-out crowd was treated to a selection of never-performed-before edits and a visual array of mau5 visuals from performances past, as well as new graphics and lighting styles unique to each segment of the show.

Deadmau5′ Retro5pective Performance in LA

The show kicked off with BSOD, his early project with producer Steve Duda, adding in DJ Aero and Tommy Lee for the fourtet that is WTF? Following came the tracks that solidified deadmau5’s spot as a dance music legend: mid 2000 cuts ‘Faxing Berlin’ and ‘Sometimes Things Get, Whatever.’ German techno marching band MEUTE then took the stage for a rump shaking brass rendition of classic mau5 cut ‘Slip.’

Next came the reveal of deadmau5’ massive touring production Cube V3, which has not been seen since 2020. From there the show continued elevating every fans delight. SOFI performed mau5 cult fave ‘Sofi Needs A Ladder.’ Kiesza enchanted fans with her futuristic fairy, glitter dusted dance moves with Joel for ‘Bridged By A Lightwave.’ LIGHTS performed her outstanding tracks ‘Drama Free’ and ‘When The Summer Dies,’ and HAYLA displayed her soaring vocals on ‘Escape.’ For the show’s encore, deadmau5 surprised audiences with a performance of ‘The Truth,’ his upcoming collaboration with Los Angeles hip-hop collective Coast Contra. Details on the song will be announced soon.

Deadmau5′ Upcoming Retro5pective Performances

Missed the LA performance? deadmau5 and friends will be heading east for ‘retro5pective’ celebrations at The Brooklyn Mirage in New York City this Thursday, May 2nd and Friday, May 3rd. Tickets for the Friday show are sold out, but limited tickets remain for the Thursday show here. deadmau5 will also be making an in-store appearance at Rough Trade NYC on Thursday, May 2nd.