deadmau5 Brings Special ‘retro5pective’ Show to the Hollywood Bowl

This April, fans of electronic music are in for an unparalleled treat as deadmau5 marks two decades of sonic pioneering. He will do so with his “retro5pective: 20 years of deadmau5” tour. The journey kicks off with an iconic show at the legendary Hollywood Bowl on April 27. This performance not only sets the stage for a year of celebration but also marks deadmau5’s first-ever appearance at this famed venue. This is a night that promises a night of musical mastery and memorable moments.

Mau5 Goes Hollywood

The Hollywood Bowl, known for its scenic beauty and acoustic excellence, will witness deadmau5’s evolution over the past 20 years through an extraordinary auditory and visual experience. Fans can anticipate a blend of classic tracks like ‘Ghost N Stuff,’ ‘Strobe,’ and ‘I Remember,’ alongside fresh material that has never before graced the stage. This mix of old and new is set to captivate attendees, enhanced by an impressive array of visuals tailored to reflect the unique atmosphere of the Bowl.

Support from MEUTE and More

Adding to the spectacle, the German techno marching band MEUTE will take the stage to provide a stirring live performance that complements deadmau5’s electronic beats. Their presence will undoubtedly add a dynamic layer to the evening’s entertainment, mixing classical brass with modern electronic rhythms. Additionally, a lineup of special guests is expected to enrich the night further, elevating this to more than just a concert — it’s a celebration of deadmau5’s monumental impact on the music world.

Tickets & More

Firstly, for those looking to be part of this milestone event in the illustrious career of one of electronic music’s most influential figures, mark your calendars. The “retro5pective: 20 years of deadmau5” at the Hollywood Bowl isn’t just a concert; it’s a testament to the enduring legacy of an artist who has consistently pushed the boundaries of what electronic music can be. Secondly, join deadmau5 as he revisits two decades of musical innovation in a venue as iconic as his career. Get ready to experience the magic of music under the stars at the Hollywood Bowl this April. Lastly, the remaining shows can be found below, see you there!

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deadmau5 photographed by Timothy White

retrospective: 20 years of deadmau5 Tour

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