Elohim Drops Heavy New Track ‘Tiny Human’

Building on the success of her January release, ‘Can’t Remember Your Name,’ Elohim continues to pave the way for her forthcoming album with the unveiling of ‘Tiny Human.’ Drenched in a dark, dance-infused ambiance, ‘Tiny Human’ diverges from the luminosity of its predecessor. The track delves into the insignificance of individual existence within the vast cosmos. It evokes a sense of humility in the face of life’s grandeur.

Right when the drop hits, you will think of Rezz and her signature sound. Elohim muses on the fragile essence of humanity, navigating the delicate balance between anonymity amidst the masses and the profound moments of self-reflection it fosters. This introspective journey is cocooned in the tender embrace of human vulnerability.

Through vivid imagery and metaphorical narrative, ‘Tiny Human’ paints a poignant picture of life’s ephemeral splendor. It is juxtaposed with our role as mere participants in the cosmic ballet. I like how the vocal is delicate and small, but the drop is heavy and huge. The contrasting differences between the breaks and drops keep the record interesting throughout.

Make sure to check out ‘Tiny Human’ below!