[INTERVIEW] Elohim Discusses New Single ‘Can’t Remember Your Name’

Elohim sat down with us to discuss her new single ‘Can’t Remember Your Name.’ The record is a journey through Elohim’s introspection and emotion while sonically continuing her exploration into various sub-genres of Electronic music. She opened up about her dark past and vulnerabilities. She unfortunately found herself addicted to prescription medication but fought her way back into the light.

Throughout her career, Elohim has consistently showcased her versatility as a musician, effortlessly blending various genres and sub-genres into her compositions. ‘Can’t Remember Your Name’ exemplifies this at its finest. It delves into the pulsating realms of dance-centric Electronic and Bass music. The track features resonant basslines, reverberating synths, and a captivating rhythm, all providing a rich backdrop for Elohim’s ethereal vocals. Within the song, she candidly admits to the listener, “I take the drugs so my fears go away“.

Your new single, ‘Can’t Remember Your Name,’ gets personal about your experiences with prescription medication and mental health. Can you tell us how this song came about and what it was like expressing your journey through music?

E – I wrote this song while I was coming off of SSRI medication I had been on for years. Writing is a healing outlet for me and where I can channel my personal struggles when I feel like I have nowhere else to go. I wrote can’t remember your name from bed and I belted it out! It felt really amazing writing this song. I am also back on medication now. So it’s a bit of a push-pull situation. 

Your music has always been a delightful mix of genres. ‘Can’t Remember Your Name’ has a fantastic Dance and Bass-heavy vibe. What sparked your interest in exploring this particular sound for the track?

E – Honestly playing out at shows (mostly festivals) inspired it! I loved the energy of these types of tracks in a live space! And I wanted to make more and more! I love the energy and feeling I love the power behind it! Makes me feel badass. My song Buckets has always been one of my favorite songs to play at shows. I wanted to recreate that feeling I get but not with an identical sound. Can’t Remember Your Name makes me want to dance! And there is no better feeling. 

Your willingness to talk openly about your mental health journey has resonated with many fans. How does it feel to use your music and platform to connect with others facing similar challenges?

E – It is probably the most rewarding and enjoyable part of being a musician in this world and industry. I am so grateful for the many very deep conversations I have had with people all over the world who have had similar struggles to me. I felt so alone most of my life… I’ve honestly never felt so validated and less alone since sharing my story. So it feels good but it’s also very real what I go through so it is also really difficult. I wish I didn’t go through it and never had to share my panic and anxiety. But it’s something that I have gone through since I was 8 years old. So I felt I had to be honest. 

The lyrics in ‘Can’t Remember Your Name’ include the line, “I take the drugs so my fears go away“. Could you dive a little deeper into the meaning behind this line and the overall theme of the song?

E – In this song, I am specifically speaking on my relationship with prescription medication which has been its own journey. I started SSRI medication in 2018. They help tremendously but also bring on some issues… Such as body twitches… And more. They are also not a cure-all. At first, it felt like I was superhuman but that went away within a few months. It’s a constant battle and journey and a weird process of trying to feel and trying to not feel. I like being open about it because I think it should not be so taboo.

Writing has been a therapeutic outlet for you during your healing process. Can you share the moment or emotions you experienced while creating ‘Can’t Remember Your Name’ and how it helped you navigate your struggles?

E – Can’t Remember Your Name was written while I was lying in bed and I was belting it out! It made me really happy writing this one and I remember I couldn’t stop. I love and live for that feeling while creating. I COULD HEAR THE BEAT in my head just while singing and writing with my voice only. It was really cool! I just kept singing it over and over! Writing helps as a distraction from my mind! It is a beautiful thing! 

You’ve had amazing success in your career, collaborating with huge names and rocking out at major festivals. Any casual advice for up-and-coming artists, especially women, looking to find their groove in the music scene?

E – Be authentically you! Be open to new experiences! Trust your gut! Be kind but be strong and stand up for yourself. Write as much as possible and learn to do as much as possible on your own. No one will love and care about your music as much as you! Only you are you. 1 of 1! Remember that and keep creating! 

Looking ahead to 2024, what can your fans expect in terms of new music, exciting collaborations, or any fun projects you have cooking up

E – I am in the studio non-stop writing right now! I have an album coming out this summer! I am very excited to keep sharing music and to keep creating. I have no idea where it will take me but I’m excited for the ride!