Christian Smith Evokes Powerful Emotions With New ‘Here to Stay’ EP

Finally, long-time Drumcode contributor and Tronic boss Christian Smith debuts on Truesoul with a terrific pair of cuts, the ‘Here to Stay’ EP. The long time Techno boss has propelled his label to its upcoming 500th release. Moreover, he has guided multiple top Beatport artists through the years, including ANNA, Paco Osuna, Enrico Sangiuliano and Wehbba. Now, the Swedish DJ joins Adam Beyer‘s independent label TrueSoul for the first time, to showcase his ability to reinvent within his own longevity in the scene. A splash of melodies and technology, let’s dip our feet in ‘Here to Stay’ EP.

‘Here to Stay’

The Techno stalwart shows us the groovier and more melodic side of his music personality. ‘Here To Stay’ is a slick slice of robot fun, underlined by an elegant melodic underbelly, rugged electro riffs and an intergalactic vocal. The groove embellishes the track by adding some light-heartedness to the dark tones you can point within the track. Furthermore, you will find yourself gathering your inner worries and launching them into space as your feet stomp to the beat.

Its accompaniment ‘Our Destiny’, is a searing chord-led production ideal for warm-ups or silky morning sets. As much as it can be a chiller vibe than its counterpart, ‘Our Destiny’ carries as much power. You will notice both tracks utilize the vocals as a conduit for inspiring emotions and mantras. I recommend to place your intentions as you listen to these wonderful tracks. This will gather energy and manifest your goals for the rest of the year. You will thank us later.

“I’ve always enjoyed making melodic house as well as techno! I spent a lot of time on these two tracks, refined them, played them out, and got great reactions on the floors. Excited that they are out now on Truesoul for all of you to enjoy them!” – 

Christian Smith

Christian Smith continues to evoke powerful emotions on each of his tracks. ‘Here to Stay’ is an example of what true mastery of the craft sounds like. Speaking of which, are you… here to stay?