Charlotte de Witte Unveils Adrenaline-Fueled Single ‘Roar’

We are all feeling a bit need for speedy right now. Belgian Techno Mogul Charlotte de Witte just released her forthcoming single ‘Roar‘. After a fantastic 2023, the DJ brings out this massive track that feels like the mutation of ‘Doppler’, ‘Rave on Time‘, ‘Overdrive‘, and ‘High Street’ all together. Long-story short, it’s a fun and massive genre-bending track that makes you feel like you’re at the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Pretty Loud ‘Roar’

‘ROAR’ is a sonic revolution – a turbo-charged anthem that showcases de Witte’s genius in crafting productions that pulse with a raw, unrelenting energy. Her ability to intertwine diverse musical landscapes into a compelling narrative has cemented her status as a global phenomenon and reshaped the contours of electronic music. The track leads with a filthy acid kick that opens the soundspace for a sick rap that flows throughout the entire song. You will feel light on your feet as you stomp through the dancefloor with the perfect pacing to dance all night.

The track is the masterstroke that builds upon the roaring success of her 2023 Overdrive Campaign and tour. ‘ROAR’ emerges as a symphonic testament. It translates Charlotte’s unparalleled prowess and an audacious journey ahead. In effect, setting the pace for Charlotte’s imminent Coachella performances on April 13th and April 20th. The track encapsulates a high-velocity odyssey, marrying breakneck rhythms with a heart-thumping melody that promises to elevate the senses. 

Charlotte’s trajectory from Belgium’s underground scene to standing as an icon of the techno realm is nothing short of spectacular. Charlotte’s visionary approach as the founder of KNTXT underscores her multifaceted influence across the music industry.


Charlotte de Witte is a techno force of nature. With a distinct sound full of palpable energy, she is at the frontline of the ever-growing global electronic music scene. Her trademark includes a haunting style of “dark and stripped-back” techno . It is combined with other electronic music styles for a distinct, multi-talented point of view. She has helped bring what for years has been an underground genre into the mainstream. Moreover, she connects with audiences through her meticulously crafted productions and DJ sets. The result is her position as one of the most listened artists in electronic music today. In addition to her craft, she is the founder of KNTXT, a multi-hyphenate, boutique experiential platform for techno. KNTXT includes a record label, live event arm, concept shop and more.

Now if you’re willing to excuse me, let me hop on this wild ride that is ‘Roar’