Armin van Buuren Teams Up With D.O.D And Laura Welsh For Emotional Banger ‘By Now’

The king of trance is back. Armin van Buuren released a new track this weekend, and it’s one of the best we’ve heard from him lately. Titled ‘By Now’, Armin’s latest track is a collaboration featuring British DJ and producer D.O.D.. The vocals are performed by the English singer Laura Welsh. ‘By Now’ was released through Armada Music Records.

The true talent of a producer can be shown in many different ways. One of them is adapting your sound to the new waves of evolution the industry travels through. This has become an almost automatic task for a DJ like Armin van Buuren. The Dutch legend has managed to mesh his signature sound with many of today’s trending sounds. He’s done it in a way that guarantees that you’ll still be able to recognize his sound. At the same time, he brings an entirely new arsenal of leads, basses, and effects that perfectly fuse with their work.

‘By Now’

On his new track, Armin van Buuren teams up with D.O.D to produce a strong, warm, and melancholic track. Something that takes you back to the early 2000s, when trance music used to dominate everything. The rolling bass, more recent sounding, pairs up perfectly with the rest of the elements on the track. Not what you’d expect from AVB. The result, however, is once again a great one.

Last but not least, the brilliant set of vocals provided by Lauren Welsh. The singer/songwriter does an amazing job, delivering a stunning set of vocals. Taking the role of a person dedicating a song to their lover, the euphoria and melancholy of the singer’s voice is the perfect element to tie everything around. The result? Certainly, one of the best songs Armin van Buuren has released in the last few years. Not to discredit any of his previous work. This song just happens to be too damn good. The king of trance has done it again!

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