[Interview] MarMar Opens Up About His Musical Journey and Upcoming EP ‘Feel Okay’


France-based American producer Mario Pedron, AKA MarMar, is gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated EP Feel Okay under Seeking Blue Records. With his newest single, ‘Imposter’, releasing on and the EP following on May 30, MarMar sat down with EDMTunes to discuss his musical inspirations, experiences at the Seeking Blue writing camp, and the collaborative process behind his upcoming project.

Which artists have been your biggest influences?

I grew up listening to a lot of alternative rock, so guys like Kings of Leon and AFI, and then later on The 1975.  A friend eventually showed me Ratatat while on an exchange trip to France, and I was just immediately captured by electronic music. Then of course Skrillex’s early work was a huge influence. Had posters and shirts from him and just gravitated so heavily toward his art.

So yea I definitely found inspiration from quite a few different folks, but currently I’m finding alot of inspiration from Duskus and Pocket and what they are doing in the scene!

We’ve heard that you went to the Seeking Blue writing camp this past year — how would you describe it?


It was so much fun and so far outside my comfort zone. I’m so used to writing while I’m alone at my little desk, so being surrounded by creatives in the middle of the forest was just such a different and wonderful experience. I also learned a ton about production and writing just by being surrounded by such like-minded and talented people.

I made incredible friendships while there. Seeking Blue is such a special creative brand.

You have a few collaborations on your upcoming EP. What makes a good collaboration?


Of course the song has to sound good and the pieces have to be there, but being able to effectively work with someone in a way that allows you both to be honest is so crucial.

We’ve heard that you’re originally from the US and moved to France, would you say that has made an impact on your music?

In more ways than I can say! It has sort of created this whole other creative identity within me that I have loved discovering. I feel like I’ve found something with music out here that I never knew existed.

If you were able to describe Feel Okay (EP) in one sentence, what would it be?

Feel Okay is about my struggles with culture change and mental health.

What inspires your music, and are there any particular themes or messages you aim to convey through your songs?

Emotion inspires my music completely. I love writing in a way that gives the listener a clear idea of the feeling I had when creating that song. I try to convey a message of hope through the music I make. I also try to help people know it’s ok to be honest with the music you make, even if the emotion is sad or not pretty.

MarMar’s dedication to authenticity and emotional depth positions him to leave a lasting mark on the electronic music scene. As fans eagerly anticipate the release of “Imposter” on April 18, and his EP release on May 30 “Feel Okay,” MarMar’s ongoing journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration remains compelling to audiences worldwide.