Kito and Chrome Sparks Reveal Their New Collaborative Project

Kito and Chrome Sparks are two indie-electronic acts who will blend their innovative musical styles and reveal their new collaborative project to the electronic music world. This new project is IS U IS U and on March 27, this project has released their debut single, ‘All I Need’ via the Mad Decent record label, which has Diplo himself as the label head. The new IS U IS U project perfectly teams up the phenomenal, soundscape-heightened musical production skills of Kito with the melodic beae ts and rhythmic synths of Chrome Sparks. ‘All I Need’ is a track that provides a colorful vibrancy of groovy (yet also mellow) bass-lines, synth flows, and light guitar chords that will get the rest of the week going really swell. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link to listen this very chill track from this new exciting project.

Kito and Chrome Sparks, the superb artists behind IS U IS U

The ‘All I Need’ track represents an amazing unity of vocals and melodies that makes a perfect tune for springtime listening, wherever one may be. ‘All I Need’ also represents what will lead to more exciting releases coming from the IS U IS U project of Kito and Chrome Sparks. Kito is an Australian artist who now resides in and work out of Los Angeles and she has produced phenomenal music alongside the likes of Skrillex, BANKS, and Tinashe, as well as showcasing her talents at festivals such as Electric Forest and Bonnaroo.

Chrome Sparks has risen through the ranks of must-hear, indie-electronic artists who will shake up the electronic music scene for many years to come. Since releasing his debut self-titled album in 2018, he has collaborated with the likes of Flume, Khalid, and Petit Biscuit. The partnership of Kito and Chrome Sparks in this IS U IS U project will surely lead to more fans tuning into their innovative mix of wonderful music styles. To stream this track on other platforms, click on this link as well.