Brunch Electronik Announces Debut USA Editions in Los Angeles

Brunch Electronik has announced its debut USA editions. They will be in Los Angeles on July 6th and September 21st. The events will be in partnership with premier underground event collectives Minimal Effort and SBCLTR. Brunch Electronik’s US debut will offer fans an unparalleled daytime, open-air experience. It will of course be soundtracked by leading artists in house and techno.

Brunch Electronik was established in 2013. It began as a Sunday afternoon weekly party in Barcelona. They have since expanded into a globally renowned music project. They have hosted events across the world in cities such as Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, Lima, and São Paulo. Brunch Electronik also launched its debut festival in Barcelona last year.

Known for its dynamic atmosphere and innovative programming, Brunch Electronik skillfully fuses forward-thinking lineup curation, gastronomy, and sustainability initiatives to foster inclusive and diverse communities on their dance floors.

Based in Los Angeles, Minimal Effort has established itself as a premier destination for dance music enthusiasts. Hosting meticulously curated lineups of global electronic music luminaries in unique locations throughout the city.

An integral pillar of the Los Angeles underground scene, SBCLTR skillfully combines top-tier production, unparalleled musical curation, and world-class hospitality to deliver sophisticated electronic music experiences throughout the city.

The sun-soaked aesthetic of Southern California will serve as the quintessential backdrop for the debut of Brunch Electronik. It is the perfect and ideal canvas for the outdoor revelry that defines the Brunch Electronik experience.