Dzeko Releases Fire Collab With Lil Yachty ‘Wu Tang’

Multi-platinum producer Dzeko is back with another banger this time joining forces with chart-topping rapper Lil Yachty for a track titled ‘Wu Tang.’ The track was meticulously crafted in the studio more than a year ago and is primed to be a weapon to pump the crowds at any dancefloor or festival this spring/summer.

Dzeko described the creative process as an exploration of ideas in a press released he shared to EDMTunes. “The song with Lil Yachty came about by hitting the studio literally last March,” he explained. “We went through a bunch of different ideas and vocals.” This experimentation paid off, as Dzeko highlights the unique blend of elements that make the track a success: “I think the combination of the melodic chorus with the Wu-Tang part mixed with the dance/house drop blends so well and makes it a banger.”

Fans are in for a treat as Dzeko’s signature production style fuses with Lil Yachty’s infectious rapping in ‘Wu Tang.’ The year-long effort to perfect the song speaks to Dzeko’s excitement: “A year in the making, and I’m so excited for this to finally come out.”

This isn’t Dzeko’s first foray into cross genre collaborations either with his last one being with country legend Keith Urban on ‘Both Still Young.’ And then there is his platinum hit ‘Jackie Chan‘ with Post Malone and Tiësto which took the world by storm in 2018. Dzeko and Lil Yachty’s latest collaboration is one to get excited for as the combination of their talents has all the makings of a crossover hit. With its catchy melodies, bumping dancefloor beats, and a touch of Wu Tang Clan influence, the track has what it takes to be the next summer anthem.

Dzeko (Julian Dzeko) is an EDM producer and DJ from Toronto, Canada who has cemented himself as a leading figure in the global dance community. His use of colorful arrays of progressive sounds and energetic dance melodies mixed with electro, pop, future and bass house elements show his ability to further push the envelopes of his sound and identity as forward-thinking producer. He has released music on some of the biggest labels in the world, including Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music, and Revealed Recordings. In addition to touring all over the world, he’s held iconic residencies in Las Vegas Casinos such as Hakkasan and Omnia Nightclub.