Avance Drops Massive Track ‘CREATION OF DISGUST’ 

In the depths of the sonic abyss lies ‘CREATION OF DISGUST,’ a haunting exploration of the darkest realms within riddim. Crafted by the mysterious AVANCE, this EP spins a tale of revelation and darkness. Previous releases have hinted at AVANCE’s lifelong struggle with a spectral tormentor, a demon named Odious, whose origins are as enigmatic as the night itself. Through the alchemy of sound, AVANCE confronts his terror, only to uncover a chilling truth: he himself is the architect of his own nightmare.

Teaming up with Qoiet, a metal/rocktronic artist renowned for his visceral vocal style, they conjure a nightmarish soundscape, blending distorted drums, ominous melodies, and foreboding soundscapes. Each element, carefully selected, stretches the boundaries of comfort while irresistibly drawing listeners into its dark embrace.

In ‘CREATION OF DISGUST,’ AVANCE confronts the demon within, crafting a tale of horror and revelation. This is a descent into the psyche of its creator, marking a monumental chapter in AVANCE’s odyssey through the realms of sound and fear.

Make sure to check out ‘CREATION OF DISGUST’ below!