Camelphat Release Their First Collection Of Remixes For ‘Spiritual Milk’

What can we say about Camelphat at this time? Today, that English duo that gave everyone something to talk about in 2017 with their debut single ‘Cola’ is considered one of the biggest names in electronic music. A couple of months ago They released Spiritual Milk, their second studio album, which received many positive reviews and opinions from the specialized media and the public. Now they secure a double whammy with the release of remixes by both Vintage Culture’s caliber artists and emerging stars.

All remixes are faithful to the original proposal of presenting a wider range of sounds. It still has dancefloor elements but incorporates influences from alternative/indie and other electronic subgenres. Although these likely stay within the realm of dance/electronic music. However, depending on the specific remixers’ styles, you might encounter influences like deep house, techno, or progressive house.

This remix album is a way for Camelphat to showcase the versatility of their original work and celebrate electronic music’s ability to evolve and inspire. It also serves as a platform to introduce new talents and potentially reach a wider audience through the remixers’ fanbase. First up is Ivory, a producer from Milan who makes a trippy and dreamy version of ‘Love Is Something‘. The ‘Turning StonesArodes and Josh Gigante version quickly became a part of CAMELPHAT’s changing set lists. It mixes soothing chords with deep house melodies.

If you enjoyed Spiritual Milk and want to experience the songs in a fresh light, or are simply curious about how other producers interpret Camelphat’s music, ‘Spiritual Milk (The Remixes)’ is worth checking out!

You can listen to CAMELPHAT-‘Spiritual Milk‘ (The remixes) below!