Calvin Harris Defends His Ultra Music Festival Set, Slams Critics

In the world of electronic dance music, few names shine as brightly as Calvin Harris, whose headlining act at Ultra Music Festival in Miami sparked an unexpected online debate. Following his electrifying performance on the Main Stage on the festival’s final night, a couple of voices on Instagram dubbed the set “underwhelming.” Unwilling to let the comment slide, Harris stepped into the fray to set the record straight, reminding everyone of the undeniable impact of his music.

Responding to the critics with a powerful defense of his musical legacy, Harris took to the comments section of a Dancing Astronaut Instagram post about his performance. With a career that boasts hits with over a billion streams each, such as “How Deep Is Your Love” and “This Is What You Came For,” Harris questioned the logic behind the criticism. Highlighting his commitment to his art, he revealed the effort that went into creating new versions of his tracks specifically for Ultra, showcasing a dedication that few can rival. His response was not only a testament to his success but also an insight into the pressure and expectations placed on headline acts in major EDM festivals.

Calvin Claps Back

Calvin Harris’ return to Ultra after an 11-year hiatus was nothing short of a monumental occasion, celebrated by many but unfortunately critiqued by a few. Despite the unwarranted criticism, Harris’ comment sparked an outpouring of support from fans and fellow artists alike, reaffirming his status as one of the greatest producers of our time. It’s a shame that an artist of his caliber seldom graces EDM festival stages, as his unparalleled ability to weave hits into unforgettable live experiences is exactly what the scene thrives on. Here’s hoping that despite the detractors, Calvin Harris will not shy away from blessing more festivals with his presence, continuing to prove that his musical journey is far from over. A screenshot of the original exchange can be found below. The original post can be found here.