Willdabeast And Torbjørn Team Up For Banging Single ‘Don’t Step’

Listen to a powerful track we recently came across.

We’re always on the lookout for the next big track, the next banger, if you will. And there’s a whole world outside of the typical four-on-the-floor realm which puts out crazy tunes by the hour. There’s one in particular, just out of the oven, we want to share today. Meet Willdabeast and Torbjørn.


Willdabeast is a hybrid duo with its roots in a musical gathering ten years ago. Will Glazier and Dan de Lisle became partners through Michal Menert’s Space Jazz band, and would go on to work on a variety of projects together since. They were founding members of the Michal Menert Big Band, then the Pretty Fantastics. After years of gigs in places such as The Fillmore and Red Rocks, Glazier and de Lisle decided to embark on yet another journey, Willdabeast.

The duo has been on a roll, having just ended an incredible 2023 which saw them release not one, not two, but three artist albums: Superhighway Afterglow, Superhighway Afterglow Remixed, and Watching The World Go By. They’ve recently started their own label/collective, Grand Alliance Music, to help shine a light on others and open a new space in the Dance industry.

“Grand Alliance Music [is] a platform to help support other artists with a good heart and that represent what we believe this music should be about at its core; authenticity, a deeper meaning, a story to tell, something with substance, inclusivity.”



Seattle-based Torbjørn is not new to music by any means. An audio engineer graduated from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, he’s got a classical violin and Jazz background, both of which, he says, have shaped the way he not only composes but thinks about music.

A lover of the golden era of Hip-Hop, Torbjørn describes his music as “Hip-Hop with drops”, with his aim and core style of music being a merge of the genre with EDM, a combination which has yielded him incredible sonic results.

“My favorite thing as a music fan is when conscious emcees and forward-thinking producers come together on stage. I love the elements of hip-hop, and I love hard-hitting beats with big bass.”


‘Don’t Step’

Today, Willdabeast and Torbjørn have joined forces to create an absolute banger of a tune, ‘Don’t Step’. With a clean, melodic top over an impressively fat base, Hip-Hop-resembling vocals drive you to a new era of music. Did I say “new era”? Hold that one on for just a few more seconds, until you get to the drop.

Impressive horns kick off and lead a drop that is, frankly, jaw-dropping. Taking turns to showcase funky air instruments with the best Trap has to offer, if there’s one thing we assure you won’t do is stay still. You’ll be sucked in by the energy of this very intriguing piece.

Listen to Willdabeast and Torbjørn‘s ‘Don’t Step’ in full by clicking the Spotify button we’ve provided. Also, be sure to follow the artists on their socials (Willdabeast | Torbjørn). And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and reviews from our beloved EDM industry.