Rinzen Announces Highly Anticipated Debut Album And Releases First Single

All This Never Happened label fans are familiar with the futuristic music by Rinzen. And just like me, you all would be excited to hear Rinzen is dropping his very first album Bend To The Light with the label. To commemorate this good news, out today is also the first single ‘Burnin‘ featuring the vocals of Shallou.

The Story Of Rinzen

Michael Sundius, or better known by his moniker Rinzen is a producer based in LA. He discovered his stage name at an exhibit in Barcelona at the Museum of Modern Art. ‘Rinzen‘ means ‘a moment of sudden awakening‘ in Japanese. It was an instant connection with Rinzen. It also pays an ode to his heritage of being half-Japanese. Sundius has a bit of a different path into the Electronic Music world, starting with musical journalism as his full-time job and producing music as a hobby. Fast forward 7 years, and we are now excited for Bend To The Light. Rinzen is best known for his concept EPs, cerebral, Melodic House and Techno. Rinzen has also worked with renowned labels like mau5trap, Desert Hearts Black, Bedrock, Octopus and more. He has released countless immersive EPs like Forbidden City, Signal EP, Exoplanet EP and many more.

Bend To The Light

Sundius is a sci-fi uber-nerd looking to create new worlds with his music. The 10-track LP would depict a near-future new high-tech world of interplanetary travel, and a dark shadow hides below all the glistens. A new world to dive into, the cover of the album shows the world with a Star Wars effect, definitely the theme Rinzen is going for. This visual imagery is the Bend To The Light. Michael’s concept further invokes bending to the universe. It is the world where people feel emotion, joy, relationships and the list can go on. The titles of his tracks all play around with the concept. We are very excited for the release of this album on April 5th.

I love writing concept EPs with a glimpse in to other worlds,so now with my album I wanted to make a bigger artistic statement, build a bigger story. In lockdown, freed from writing club tracks, I fell in love with making art that wasn’t tied to functionality. I took all my best tracks from just showing up at the studio for 2.5 years for this album

-Rinzen creating his story

Does the single out today ‘Burning’ featuring Shallou sound familiar to you all? It is the first track from Lane 8’s winter mixtape. The collaboration with Joe is nothing short of ethereal. This catchy tune not on set the tone for that mixtape but will be a dance floor favourite this year. Out now on all platforms, listen here. Rinzen will be playing shows with This Never Happened in February in Vancouver, San Fransisco and Sacramento. He will headline shows in Boise and Reno. Phoenix fans you are in for a treat with a special b2b with Nox Vahn. In April Rinzen will join Sultan + Shepard in Toronto. Be sure to catch Rinzen this winter.

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Bend To The Light – Tracklist

  1. Rinzen feat. Shallou – ‘Burning’
  2. Rinzen – ‘The Pursuit’
  3. Rinzen – ‘Astronauta’
  4. Rinzen feat. Molly Moonwater – ‘Déjà Vu
  5. Rinzen – ‘Terraforming’
  6. Rinzen – ‘Scorpio’
  7. Rinzen – ‘Empires (Interlude)’
  8. Rinzen – ‘Planets Passing Overhead’
  9. Rinzen feat. WENNINK – ‘Bend to the Light’
  10. Rinzen – ‘I Wanna Be Right’