[INTERVIEW] DEARI Discusses The Behind-the-Scenes Process Of His Latest Release ‘Falling’

DEARI has landed on the Electronic Music scene with determination, drive, and passion, releasing music captivating in sound and unique in approach, his reputation within the genre continues to grow. Just recently dropping his single, ‘Falling’, the talented Producer continues to add unmissable music to his catalogue, offering stellar tracks for his listeners to enjoy. Now, DEARI is joining us to talk about his latest release, taking us through the inspirations, processes and techniques that led to the creation of ‘Falling’. 

Hi there DEARI, how are you? Congrats on the release of ‘Falling’! 

Hey, I am fantastic, thank you. I have had a lot of great feedback and support on this track so it’s great to finally share it with the world! 

To start, can you tell us about the initial inspirations or concepts that led to the creation of ‘Falling’? 

The piano was the first thing I came up with on that track and I knew it was great, but I didn’t know where else it could go and then I found that string hit and I knew I was onto something really good. From there I found the vocal, and then I felt the track wrote itself. When you have a really solid hook idea it makes the whole production process a lot easier. 

Can you walk us through the production process? What did your creative workflow look like? 

I always find a hook on the melodic side of the track first. Whether it be a vocal, a piano riff or a little melody, I will always find something I can latch onto. When I listen to music, the melody comes before everything else. So, I want to put this into my productions. 

Once I have a solid melody or riff, I will normally do my first breakdown, then my build-up, and then I will work on the drop. Once I have 3 solid parts, it’s then very easy to arrange and add variation to each part as the song progresses. I know most producers like to start with the drop first and work out of it, but I enjoy making breakdowns the most, so it tends to be the part I do first. 

Do you have a favourite part of the production process, and is there an element you least enjoy? 

The part I least enjoy is mixing, automation etc. all the fiddly bits. I am a lot better at ideas than I am at spending an hour over mixing a kick for example. Even though it is necessary to finish a track, this is my least favorite part. 

The absolute best part of making music is arranging a track from a few ideas. Once you have your breakdown, your build up and your drop you can make a full song structure very easily and the moment you turn a couple of ideas into a basically finished track is magic! 

The track features a catchy vocal line; can you tell us about how you approach integrating a vocal into a track? Do you have any go-to techniques to make it stand out against the rest of the soundscape? 

I believe it’s all about sound choice. If you have the right sounds the vocal should sit in the mix very well without a lot of mixing. You should also be choosing great vocals as well, the better the vocal recording is the less mixing you have to do. If you do have a vocal that is struggling to be heard, I would raise the volume, first. And if that doesn’t work, you will have too much information in the mid-range or it’s the wrong vocal. If it’s the right vocal, then you will need to change your instruments or use subtractive EQ to make sure the vocals sound better. It is a tough one though because mixing is an art form on its own and what works in one track might not work in any other track in terms of how two instruments work with each other. 

How do you know a track is finished? 

This is very hard and subjective. For one artist, a finished track will be completely different to another artist. For me, I will start sending music out once I feel it stacks up to my reference tracks. If I play it next to other tracks and it sounds like it could be played in a set with them then I know it’s ready. Even tracks that are finished, you can always tweak so it’s important to finish a track and move on to the next one. 

Were there any specific equipment, software, or plugins that played a crucial role in shaping the overall sound of ‘Falling’? 

It’s got to be the M1 piano! That and Serum are my two go-to’s in production. The sound of the M1 is piano House music. It’s just a classic and a great way to start off a record. 

Could you walk us through your creative process when it comes to crafting driving basslines and energetic melodic lines? 

Good question! I have a few different methods to get basslines. The easiest is to sample from other records but I will normally use Fadr.com to extract a bass and then I will use Logics built-in ‘Flex Pitch’ to get midi of the bass line and then tweak to be my own rhythm and melody. Piano House though you normally follow the route note of the chords and then change a few notes here or there to make it more interesting. 

Creating energetic melodic lines is all down to a great vocal or a great sample. If I’m coming up with a melody, I will sing a note in my phone app and then use the same Logic technique I use for basslines to create a midi clip to then bring my vision to life. 

What message or feeling do you hope ‘Falling’ evokes in your listeners? 

For me, music is all about escapism! Every track I put out I want to convey a positive emotion and I think this track hits that on the head. It’s a love song and about the feeling you get when you’re starting to fall in love. This is one of the purest feelings you will feel, and I hope I was able to capture it! 

Can you share what you have planned next in terms of releases and upcoming projects? 

My next release is coming up on the 1st of March again on V Records. It’s another Disco-inspired House track with another fantastic vocal. The vocals could fit amazingly into a disco record. I then have a string of releases coming up on other labels. 

One of the future tracks I am excited to share is one that I have produced in collaboration with a producer from Liverpool called Backhouse. We are releasing the first of our collaboration project Backhouse/DEARI on Perfect Havoc. 

You should expect a lot more great music to be released throughout the year. I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am to share my art with the world! 

Final Words

No doubt on a path to reaching new audiences around the globe, DEARI is fast becoming one of the most exciting rising stars within Electronic Music; his passion and love for creating music keeps his momentum and motivation high, driving him towards raising the bar with each new release. So, make sure to keep watching this talented Producer by following DEARI across social media. 

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