Blanke Releases Second Single From Upcoming EP

Collaborating with virtuosic producer Rival and vocalist KC, bass producer Blanke has just released his next single from his upcoming EP, ‘Emergence.’ The track, titled ‘Heaven’ serves as a poignant depiction of mental health struggles, with lyrics touching upon themes of dissociation and the battle to overcome darkness. ‘Heaven’ offers a compassionate message to those navigating tough times, emphasizing that during overwhelming moments, they are not alone in their struggles. Through KC’s emotive vocals, the record extends a gentle reminder that seeking help is an act of courage and a worthwhile endeavour. Listen here.

Seamlessly blending powerful, heavier musical elements with ethereal, orchestral melodies, ‘Heaven’ showcases Blanke’s evolution as an artist alongside Rival’s unique creative prowess while bringing KC’s vulnerable lyrics to life. Rival lays the track’s foundation with a stunning piano structure, complemented by Blanke’s background that spans the intensity of bass and the intricacies of melodic sounds. Together, their musical synergy transcends electronic boundaries, crafting a breathtaking convergence of diverse realms.

On February 3rd, Blanke will kick off the ‘Emergence’ tour at Webster Hall in New York City, followed by 10 more stops in Toronto, San Diego, Salt Lake City, and others to be announced. The tour will feature extraordinary production and cutting-edge visual design, together narrating the compelling story of the EP. At every tour stop, fans can anticipate a dynamic double feature with performances from both Blanke AND ÆON:MODE. The excitement is perceptible as Blanke eagerly looks forward to exposing his United States audience to the ever-growing realm of drum and bass.