Bassnectar Responds After Venue Cancels His Show

Soon after the Gateway Center Arena cancelled Bassnectar’s shows near Atlanta, Georgia on April 26th and 27th, the DJ published his opinion on the matter.  

The Bassnectar’s unofficial subreddit posted a screenshot of Bassnectar’s message to his followers after the Atlanta show was cancelled. The DJ expressed his discontent on the news. Moreover, he stated that his team had worked tirelessly with the venue to ensure this would not happen.

“We intend to meet again as soon and we thank you for your patience as we endure this disappointment. Cancel culture isn’t tearing us down. We haven’t seen this much enthusiasm for an event since the other side launched and we are honestly right there with you.”


The response does not really address the sexual assault allegations that have affected his recent shows. Most recently, he suffered another show cancellation last August due to the massive outrage by the Dance community. This seems to still affect his bookings for different venues across the country.