Veerus Returns to Drumcode Cycle EP

The Italian techno maestro, Veerus, has returned with his latest EP release, Cycle. Veerus’ new EP Cycle is a creation that emphasizes on showcasing a style of techno that is phenomenal, exquisite, powerful, and full of life at the same time. The EP is a two-track release and it features the title track itself and ‘It’s Funky’. The title track brings out a vibrant array of synths that then introduce a mellow yet energetic beat that eases its way to the listeners ears. ‘It’s Funky’ is a groovy and cool track that perfectly synced the melodies into something that is addictive to hear all day. Click ‘Play’ to listen to this fantastic two-track EP, Cycle, from Veerus.

Veerus’ release of Cycle represent his continuous rise as a future force in techno

The release of Cycle from Veerus is via the record label Drumcode. The techno DJ/producer has been released top-notch music on Drumcode since 2019 when he dropped the Hypnosis EP. Veerus’ latest tracks such as ‘Infinity’, ‘Lights On Me’, and his second-most recent EP, Phoney / Hybrid, shows why the DJ/producer’s style of techno is elegant and vigorous at the same time. There is more to come from this multi-talented and skilled artist in 2024 and the near future.