Veerus Retuns On Drumcode With New ‘Yard EP’

One person always returns to where he was happy. In the case of musicians, perhaps a place where he cultivated several of his greatest hits. 2022 marked Veerus‘ return to Drumcode with a three-track EP called ‘Yard’ EP which has many dark and ambient techno elements ideal to give us a delicious atmosphere to be enjoyed in an outdoor rave.

Since his debut on the label with the ‘Hypnosis’ EP, Veerus has been one of the most consistent producers and one of the most surprising to fans of Adam Beyer‘s label. He has always provided an interesting techno atmosphere with his tracks that has even captivated Drumcode head himself, to the point of trying to play some of his freshest productions at his most important events.

Now he’s back with his fourth EP on this imprint, which continues to showcase his advanced musical skills along with being his most heartfelt work.

Veerus- ‘Yard’ EP tracks

Veerus Yard EP

Yard’ is the track Adam Beyer opened his Awakenings set with and the entire EP is full of bangers. This features an enveloping bassline, compelling chords, and a fully immersive atmosphere with elements that may make early electronic music lovers nostalgic. That combination of acid parts with heavy beats makes this song ideal for blowing up the dancefloor at the night edge.

While ‘Bypass’ is another of the songs praised during Adam Beyer’s set on Awakenings, it increases the power of the EP with even deeper and more technological rhythms. The mix between the mysterious atmospheres and the clean rhythms of the well-established percussion make the track another great production from Veerus.

And, finally, ‘Nobody’ ends the EP in a playful and somewhat mischievous way. Here, Veerus brought out the most inventive side of him, which resulted in an effective dance track. This sounded in the past Creamfields and from that moment many wanted the theme. In short, the whole EP brought both what Veerus fans love and what a new techno lover enjoys. We look forward to more releases like this in the future from Veerus and Drumcode.

You can listen to Veerus- ‘Yard’ EP below!