Miami’s E11EVEN Nightclub Releases GTA VI Parody Trailer

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: E11EVEN Miami

The much-anticipated GTA VI trailer came out on December 5 (though some can say it’s December 4 if talking about the trailer leak). Since the trailer’s release, devoted fans of the Grand Theft Auto series are now patiently, and impatiently, counting down until 2025 when GTA VI officially comes out. In the GTA VI trailer, there’s a scene that shows club-goers dancing in a nightclub that resembles Miami’s very own E11EVEN Nightclub (a club that resembled Club Space also appeared in the trailer). No surprise, E11EVEN then released a parody trailer of its own, and even used Tom Petty‘s song, ‘Love Is A Long Road’, from the GTA VI trailer as well.

E11EVEN Nightclub Provides Shots Of Miami Landscapes, GTA VI Style

Before talking about the E11EVEN parody trailer, let’s discuss a bit about the beginning of the GTA VI trailer. At the beginning of the GTA VI trailer, there is a banner that says, “Why Sixty Nine When You Can Nine1Nine”. That banner was for a fictional club in the game that has inspirations from the real-life E11EVEN itself. That banner that featured the “Nine1Nine” club is also another funny symbol of Vice City since the picturesque main city is based in Miami after all.

The E11EVEN parody trailer showed the panoramic view of Miami itself, including the world-famous Miami Beach. Then, it showed a plane with a banner that said, “When Nine1Nine = E11EVEN”, and another scene where the car turns into the nightclub building. The trailer ended with a statement, “To all the rockstars in the game, if we missed the target, we still loved the mission… Can’t wait to play!”. Well, next weekend is New Year’s weekend and that means GTA VI is just over 365 days until its historic release. Fans around the world cannot wait to play the game too, including the writer of this article himself.