Club Space & E11EVEN Miami Found in GTA 6 Trailer

Are we about to go clubbing in GTA 6? Yesterday Grand Theft Auto 6 dropped its much-anticipated trailer and it featured two well-known Miami clubs. Vice City is back and better than ever. Club Space and E11EVEN were both featured with people dancing the night away. The trailer has already amassed over 70 million views in just a day.

We begin to wonder just how in-depth this game is going to be. The trailer looks insane and we imagine it will be paired with a VR experience (at some point at least). It feels like the game was made to simulate life in Miami. Will we have live DJ sets in Club Space? Will John Summit have a GTA residency? If they want to get wild maybe they will throw in Ultra for a weekend.

All great questions will be answered in 2025 when the game finally drops. It will be 12 years in between games with GTA 5 dropping in 2013. Fans have been more than eager for the next one in what might be the most iconic video game series.