LF System Brought Out Cool Remix of Dom Dolla’s ‘Saving Up’.

On October 6, Dom Dolla released another banger in the form of ‘Saving Up’. This track was a beautiful piece of House music that emphasized strengthened personal relationships while having a good time dancing to hypnotic rhythms. Today, the track has over 13 million streams on Spotify. Fast forward to December 8, Scottish duo LF System introduced their own remix of Dom Dolla’s ‘Saving Up’ to House music fans worldwide. Click ‘Play’ below to listen to the exuberant remix of Dom Dolla’s ‘Saving Up’ from LF System and continue to feel good about life in all its positive vibes.

LF System Introduce A Quick-Step, Exhilarating Version Of ‘Saving Up’ From Dom Dolla

The original was already a feel-good track that would bring out everyone from all different personalities to the dance floor. With this remix, it added an extra kick that pairs really well with the energetic vocals and rhythmic piano chords. The introduction of LF System’s remix, as well as the release of the original track, represents another achievement in the continuing success of the Australian House music star, especially since he made his BBC Radio 1 ‘Essential Mix’ debut back in October.

At the beginning of the summer, he unveiled his collaborative jam, ‘Eat Your Man’, with pop icon Nelly Furtado. Additionally, at the beginning of the year, he teamed up with MK to release ‘Rhyme Dust’, an addictive Tech-House banger that is also a hit on social media outlets. Many house fans are having a lot of excitement for Dom Dolla as the upcoming year of 2024 approaches.