Anjunadeep Explorations 25 EP Brings Out Euphoric Bliss

Anjunadeep Explorations 25 is the latest EP playlist release from one of the biggest labels in Ambient Techno, Progressive, and Melodic House. The Anjunadeep Explorations 25 EP came out on December 12th and it provides 16 tracks. Disk 1 contains nine tracks while Disk 2 has seven tracks that are extended mixes. Fans can click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below to feel euphoric bliss to get through the middle of the week, in anticipation of another wonderful weekend. Also, fans can click on this link to stream the EP on SoundCloud as well.

As the recurrent theme with the Explorations brand led by Anjunadeep, the 25th version delivers a selection of compositions from newcomers to the label, exploring what the scene has in store for the future.

Anjunadeep Explorations 25 Provides 16 Amazing Tracks To Relax The Mind, Body, and Soul

As described above, the Anjunadeep Explorations 25 EP playlist contains 16 tracks, with the first side having nine tracks while the second side has seven extended mixes. Disk/Side 1 has tracks from talented Melodic and Progressive House acts such as Jody Barr, HVMP, Laure, and Raphael Mader amongst others.

Furthermore, the extended mixes on Disk/Side 2 will still ensure the listener more minutes of peace and harmony to get through their day and week. Listening and relaxing to this EP can also apply to everyone who is currently going through their lives in an increasingly hectic society. Finally, for anyone who wants to attend the ‘Anjunadeep Explorations‘ festival in Albania on June 13-19 2024, visit this page for more details.