CAMELPHAT Unveils ‘Constellation Series Vol 1’ on When Stars Align

In the ever-evolving universe of Electronic music, CAMELPHAT‘s imprint, When Stars Align, stands out like a beacon in the night sky. The label is set to astound us once again with the launch of Constellation Series Vol 1, a celestial compilation that promises to take listeners on an interstellar journey. Featuring the mesmerizing work of Grigoré, Jozef K, and the emerging talent MotherEarth, this collection is not just music; it’s a cosmic odyssey.

Grigoré – The Melodic Voyager

Grigoré, a name synonymous with rhythmic streams and infinite dance experiences, brings his track ‘Polifonia‘ to this cosmic assemblage. Known for his deep ties with labels like This Never Happened and Diynamic, Grigoré infuses ‘Polifonia’ with hypnotic melodies and an expansive sonic landscape, evoking an Eastern spirit that’s both entrancing and invigorating. Get ready to be transported to a realm where melody reigns supreme.

Jozef K – The Sonic Dreamweaver

Next, we float into the ethereal world of Jozef K with his track ‘Floating Emotions‘. This piece is a masterclass in subtlety and grace, enveloping listeners in a soundscape that feels like drifting through dreams. With a track record that includes captivating dancefloors globally, Jozef K’s latest offering is a delicate, thought-provoking journey that’s as airy as it is hypnotic.

MotherEarth – The Harmonic Unifier

Completing this trilogy is the debut track ‘Pulsate‘ from MotherEarth, a name rapidly gaining recognition in the Melodic Techno scene. ‘Pulsate’ is an amalgamation of power, euphoria, and dynamic energy, perfectly encapsulating MotherEarth’s mission to unify through music. This track is a testament to the artist’s potential and a harbinger of the thrilling directions they are bound to explore in the coming year.

A Celestial Conclusion: The Odyssey Awaits

Constellation Series Vol 1 is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey through sound, curated by the visionary minds of CAMELPHAT. This compilation showcases the diverse and fresh talent from When Stars Align, offering a glimpse into the constellations of sound that have illuminated their remarkable performances across the globe. As we look towards the stars, let the music be our guide through this celestial soundscape.

Lastly, with a total of three tracks, Constellation Series Vol 1 has a total runtime of nineteen minutes & five seconds. If you’re into the sounds of the underground, CAMELPHAT, or just good music, this collection of music is for you. It is out now on When Stars Align, and can be streamed below, enjoy!


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