Agents of Time Release New Single, ‘It’s All Good’

Agents of Time continue to straddle an experimental and emotional divide on their superb new single It’s All Good‘. The masterpiece arrives as the third release on their new and already popular label called Time Machine. ‘It’s All Good’ is a brilliant five-minute trip built on raw and driving drums overlaid with snappy hits and plenty of synth drama.

This Italian pair has a cultured sound, whether playing one of their mesmeric live shows or crafting subversive sounds in the studio. They have released on the likes of Kompakt and Afterlife before and recently started their own Time Machine. Their Progressive sound is truly unique with a captivating mix of emotional breakdowns and energetic drops that are perfect for a lasting dance floor impact.

As the lush chords continually rise up, dance floors will be swept off their feet and then released amongst an explosion of hands-in-the-air synth sequences that are bright and euphoric. Expertly crafted and defined by its spine-tingling breakdown complete with soulful vocal hook, the uplifting ‘It’s All Good’ is an underground club anthem in the making.

This new single shows once more that Agents of Time have a singular sound but are always versatile in what they do.