Agents of Time Launch New Label with ‘Zodiac’

Agents Of Time just launched their brand new label Time Machine with a fresh track of their own, ‘Zodiac’. Andrea Di Ceglie and Luigi Tutolo make up the Agents Of Time. They’re masters of their own richly melodic and atmospheric techno sound. The two-man act is a sensation live, as they display their mastery of the studio. You may have heard it on revered labels like Afterlife, Kompakt, and Ellum Audio. As performers, they have headlined every major club and festival across Europe, America, the Middle East, and beyond. Now, take their Time Machine and get a glimpse into their singular musical universe.

‘Zodiac’ explores the deep space with astral techno synths accompanied by sleek, driving drums. Listen to that futuristic feel of the track from the beginning. It’s rich in endless detail and its synth craft. A spine-tingling breakdown brings the mood with spacious ambient designs. Once the track kicks again, it leads with an emotional melody that is sure to sweep entire dance floors off their feet.

The melodic techno is out in full force. The pair have just completed a roaring end to 2022 at Printworks London and Upperground. They even just played at Zamna Festival in Brazil just this past April. But this year is not over for them as they continue to tour through Europe with some stops in the States. Their imprint is truly exploring the past, present, and future with insane visuals, music, and performances. Audiences love the atmosphere they bring, so let’s continue to see what that is. Listen to ‘Zodiac’ below.

Agents of Time – Zodiac | Buy/Stream