ZHU and Wax Motif Jointly Unveil ‘Better Recognize’

For the first time ever, ZHU and Wax Motif have collaborated and jointly unveiled a top banger ‘Better Recognize’. ZHU and Wax Motif co-produced and released ‘Better Recognize’ via Astralwerks. The two artists recorded the track at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral and at ZHU’s Los Angeles studio, “Zhudio”. The track is available for download and stream by clicking on this link. Also, readers can check out the visualizer by clicking ‘Play’ on the YouTube link below.

‘Better Recognize’ represents a new direction in the music styles of ZHU and Wax Motif

When ZHU and Wax Motif began producing ‘Better Recognize’, it showed a new direction in both artists’ music styles. ZHU talked about the collaboration and said, “In the midst of experimenting with new sounds and direction for a new project, I wanted to keep something consistent. Wax and I made a banger for the clubs’.

Wax Motif added his own statement regarding the collaborative track with the San Francisco native (who’s also one of his best friends). The Australian-born, Los Angeles-based Wax Motif said, “It’s been a long time coming that ZHU and I were able to finally catch up in the studio and work together on music. After years of friendship, it was bound to happen but never forced. Better Recognize is the product of two friends coming together and actually making a product we are proud of and something not forced. I hope that everyone enjoys”.

Tour dates of ZHU

Additionally, check out the tour dates and locations where ZHU and Wax Motif will perform. As of this writing, ZHU had already performed in El Paso on November 17th and over this past weekend at Mexico City’s Corona Capital.

  • 12.31-01.01 San Diego, CA Proper NYE
  • 3.15-17 Santiago, Chile Lollapalooza Chile
  • 3.15-17 Buenos Aires, Argentina Lollapalooza Argentina
  • 3.21-24 Bogotá, Colombia Estéreo Picnic
  • 3.22-24 São Paulo, Brasil Lollapalooza Brasil

Wax Motif also goes on tour

  • 12.2 Aspen, CO Belly Up
  • 12.12 – 12.16 Tulum, MX Holy Ship Wrecked
  • 12.31 San Diego, CA Proper NYE Festival
  • 12.31 Phoenix, AZ Decadence Arizona