Mathame Drops Electrifying Remix of ‘Raven’ By Proxy

In a bold move in December 2022, Turbo Recordings, on the brink of its 25th year, summoned the global dance music elite. Label maestro Tiga’s call echoed worldwide: “SEND ME ONE AWESOME TRACK AND LETS’ GET RICH BABYCAKES.” To this, Mathame answered. The response was nothing short of awe-inspiring, as dance luminaries flocked to Tiga’s Montreal stronghold, armed with thumb drives loaded with rhythm, melody, and sonic brilliance. The mission? To curate the crème de la crème.

Italian brother duo Mathame took this challenge quite literally. I say this as the duo has recently unveiled their electrifying remix of the dance classic ‘Raven’ by Proxy.

Mathame Remix

Firstly, the Mathame remix, Proxy‘s ‘Raven’ is featured on Turbo Recordings’ 25th-anniversary compilation. Secondly, the remix perfectly showcases Mathame’s prowess in reinvigorating timeless tracks for modern dance floors. Where the original begins with eerie, electro-esque synths, Mathame’s version begins with a slowed-down, melodic techno-like four-on-the-floor drum beat.

Soon enough these same synths join the production of Mathame’s remix, creating a very nostalgic soundscape, albeit for a different dancefloor. Once the drop hits, Mathame’s edit is a near-identical callback to everything that makes the original a classic. If you’re into reenvisionings of dancefloor hits, then this is a tune that you do not want to miss.

Reflections and Future Fantasies

With a cinematic and trance-inspired touch, the duo transforms ‘Raven‘ into a sonic journey that resonates with contemporary music enthusiasts. The remix, streamed live at Ultra 2023, captures the essence of Mathame’s signature style, blending melody and rhythm seamlessly. It goes without saying that Mathame continues to push boundaries, taking listeners on an immersive experience through their innovative remixes.

With a total runtime of six minutes & thirty-three seconds, Mathame’s edit of ‘Raven’ is the perfect amount of time to get you grooving. Having said that, if you’re into Mathame, dope remixes, or just good music then this a tune for you. Lastly, Mathame’s remix of Proxy’s ‘Raven’ is out now on Turbo Recordings. In conclusion, the tune can be streamed below, enjoy!